A New Way for Clinicians to Write
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Create dynamic, detailed and error-free evaluations in MINUTES. Use ready-to-go report outlines OR copy and customize any resource to fit your own amazing clinical expertise. Eliminate the report re-work so you can focus your time on sections that require your expert analysis!

Tailor Your Resources

Build Your Outlines

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Clinicians manage a huge caseload and always have incoming referrals. With easyReportPRO, you can turn around tailored and detailed reports on tight deadlines.

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Eliminate Rework Time!

easyReportPRO is an easy-to-use yet powerful report writing platform created to help Speech Language Pathologists. Use our extensive clinical library or build your own library and create individualized and detailed report templates using hundreds of customizable resources. easyReportPro cuts your report writing time down to minutes!

Here is a quick overview of how easyReportPRO works:

Step 1. Conduct the Assessment
(or Re-Assessment)

Complete your initial or re-evaluation, observation, or screening as usual. Gather the information and score the results as you typically do.

Step 2. Log in and Launch a Report

After you log in, start the process by clicking REPORTS and enter in your client's name, gender and select an outline. Client information will automatically be populated throughout all sections of the report.

Step 3. Enter in Your Data

After you start a report, you can select and enter data for each section. Scores from standardized tests are automatically tied to descriptive text and you can search and add recommendations.

Step 4. Create a Report Draft

Once all the information is added click CREATE FULL DRAFT. A draft that includes observational verbiage, score tables and descriptions and recommendations will be instantly generated.

Step 5. Add Final Touches

Copy and paste the draft into your word processing software. Add in the identifying information and focus your time writing diagnostic impressions or expert related observations.

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We have Ready-to-Go and

With easyReportPRO, Speech Language Pathologists can generate customized assessment and subtest descriptions that match the inputted scores.

Imagine creating the detailed report you need in minutes!

Built by clinicians

Write-ups are developed by school-based, private practice and health care experts. Use polished and professional reports to showcase your expertise.

Error free reports

Generate high quality professional reports. All templates are reviewed so typos, score mix-ups, or name, and gender errors are eliminated.

Data-optimized resources

Utilize our features and data optimize your personal report templates. Built-in tools automatically link test and subtest descriptions with inputted scores.

SLPs are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting Speech Language Pathologists do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have recently said about easyReportPRO.

"This platform has saved me hours of time! I feel confident that reports given to families are complete and do not have any embarrassing errors in them."
Meg, SLP

"The ability to create my own content that I can use over and over has been a lifesaver! I can actually manage my evaluation workload this year."
James, SLP

"The automatic generation of assessments makes the report writing process so much faster. This program has really reduced the amount of time I spend writing reports!"
Kathie, SLP

Who else can benefit from easyReportPRO?

Speech Language Pathologists

Occupational Therapists


Physical Therapists

Behavioral Analysts

Special Educators


Social Workers

Reading/Literacy Specialists

Math Specialists


Vision Therapists

Executive Function Coaches

Autism Specialists

Writing Specialists

University Clinics

Assistive Technology Specialists

Behavioral Consultants

Educational Diagnosticians

Therapeutic Recreation Specialists

Mobility Specialists

ADHD Specialists

Rehabilitation Counselors

Transition Specialists