1. Is ReportPRO secure?
  2. YES! ReportPRO uses SSL to encrypt all website traffic, and also encrypts all of your personal information (your name, email, address, etc.) within the database. In addition, all passwords are secured using a HASH method, which is a one-way encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to get your password.

  3. How does ReportPRO handle HIPAA/FERPA?
  4. While your information is encrypted and secure, ReportPRO is not designed to accept any identifiable information about your students/clients, and so HIPAA/FERPA do not apply. With only a first name and gender, the system has everything it needs to create your report, which you can then copy and paste to your local computer to finish. Not having the extra security expenses is one of the reasons we can bring ReportPRO to you at such a low cost!

  5. Are templates in ReportPRO customizable?
  6. YES! While you can use the existing resources as-is, everything you do in ReportPRO is customizable if you want. Change the options, change the verbiage, make it your own!

  7. Can I make my own reports?
  8. YES! You are able to add any type of resource that ReportPRO offers from scratch, or copy existing material and customize it to your needs.

  9. Do you offer refunds?
  10. No. When ReportPRO becomes available for general sign-up, there will be a 30 day FREE trial in which you can see if ReportPRO is for you. If ReportPRO does not save you time and errors, simply let your trial run out and you will not be charged. However, once you see how much time and energy ReportPRO saves you, we are confident you will never want a refund!

  11. Can I share my account?
  12. No. Each ReportPRO account can only be used by it's owner. Periodic reviews of system usage will be conducted. If it is determined that more than one individual is using an account, that account may be suspended without refund. If this is done in error, discussion can happen that will allow the account to be reactivated at ReportPRO's discretion.

  13. How does ReportPRO work with Copyright information?
  14. While existing material in ReportPRO is the Copyright ownership of the providing collaborator, by sharing it with ReportPRO, they are accepting that the information will be used and modified by others. Any customization or new content within individual accounts is not shared and remains private to that individual account.

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