ReportPRO Consultation

Consultative Services

Our consultative services may be invaluable to guide the development and organization of the evaluation and treatment implementation process for your organization. We help companies, districts and clinical service providers identify the specific information needed, organize the resources in an easy-to-use format and develop a flow for data entry that results in error-free reports that take a fraction of the time.

We help teams:

  • Build effective report outlines that fit their specialized and unique assessment process.
  • Develop the ReportPRO interface for company, district, or clinician specific resources (i.e., intake forms, observational forms, entrance/exit criteria) so that data input is quick, accurate and reflects your own clinical and professional procedures.
  • Create paper-based Assessment Companion Guides to ensure the collection of assessment specific information to support quick and straightforward data input into ReportPRO.
  • Use and embed consistent verbiage for every part of a comprehensive report.

We like to think of the consultative services as helping professionals find their peak performance when it comes to organizing, writing, and producing clinical reports. We want to help you identify a clear action plan to prepare and carryout the evaluation and report writing process.

ReportPRO is a reliable tool to help you automate as much of the evaluation write-up as possible, while creating a systematic report flow and providing customized options for you to add insights where they matter the most.


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