How ReportPRO Works

How ReportPRO Works

ReportPRO is a secure clinical reporting platform that virtually eliminates all re-work time for assessments. Here is how it works:

1. Conduct the Assessment (or Re-Assessment)

Complete any initial or three-year evaluation, observation, or screening process as usual. Gather the information and score the results as you typically do. This includes any testing, observations, or rating scale procedures. Use the testing manuals or other online programs to identify the standardized scores.

2. Log into ReportPRO and Launch a Report Outline

Start the process by clicking Reports and entering in the name and gender. This information will automatically be populated throughout all sections of the report draft.

Launch the Report Outline that you want to use. The outlines include all the key features in a report such as reason for referral, background information, behavioral observations, test outcomes, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations. You can even include treatment implementation guides to help the team apply your recommendations.

Things to Know:
  • When clicked, every key feature in the report draft opens into full modules with various text options to choose from.
  • Every section of the report outline can be copied and modified to your own preference and reused for other reports.
  • Every type of report feature can be combined to create customized outlines that best fit the type of evaluation you are conducting.
  • Every section can be moved within the outline to create the flow that fits your report writing style.
  • You can create original report features such as checklists, paragraphs, recommendations and add new standardized test templates.
  • Using the technical codes that are available when you copy or create a new template allows all student or client-specific information to automatically update and populate throughout the report.

3. Enter in the Data

When the report outline launches you will be able to edit each key feature and select the information that is most appropriate for the student or client. Data entry tables to enter scores are automatically generated so you can enter in the specific results obtained from the test manuals.

Things to Know:
  • Scores from assessments are automatically tied to the descriptive text that explains the index or subtest outcomes.
  • Checklist modules can be displayed in either a bullet list or paragraph style output.
  • Paragraphs are used for stand-alone text such as a signature line.
  • You can create recommendation groups or search and select recommendations from your personal library and/or the ReportPRO library.

4. Create a Report Draft

As soon as all the information is entered into the Report Outline click on "Create Full Draft". The complete draft is instantly created in another window. Copy and paste the text and any visuals into a word editing program (i.e., Word, Google Docs).

Things to Know:
  • You can view a full draft of the report or select a specific section to view.
  • The text that is shown in the draft is the exact text that will be copied into a word editing program.
  • You can create as many drafts as you need to and add other key features in the outline as needed.

5. Add Final Touches

Once the report is in a word editing program, save it to your local computer and make any edits or add any information as needed. You will see that the full draft includes most of the report so you can spend your time and energy on clinical impressions or adding additional descriptions where it is necessary.

Things to Know:
  • You must save this file to your local computer to add personal information and make final edits. Only the draft is stored on ReportPRO's system to protect student and client confidentiality.
  • Minimal reformatting might be needed in certain circumstances after the draft is copied to your local computer.
  • Extra resources can be developed in ReportPRO, such as implementation guides, to support the carryover of recommendations and strategies suggested in the report.

Users can create their own report outlines by selecting available components such as background information, behavioral observations and diagnostic impressions. There is also a search and select option for recommendations from the ReportPRO library. Educators and clinical service providers can use ReportPRO templates, copy and modify any template or create their own customized templates using ReportPRO's database and retrieval structure.

All test indexes, composites and/or subtest descriptions are cross referenced with the standardized score ranges entered into the template. Users then simply enter in the score (i.e., standard, scaled, T score, percentile, etc.) and the results are automatically created in a report format.

ReportPRO is populated with many widely used standardized tests and other features of comprehensive educational or clinical reports. We add new resources on a regular basis. To see the current list click here.

Users can develop outlines that are frequently used for evaluations, as most educators and clinicians use consistent report formats. ReportPRO provides a way for individualized outlines and features to be developed once, and then reused for any student or client.


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